How Ionic Hair Dryers Work

Ionic science began back in the 1830s. This is when a scientist called Michael Faraday came up with his first theories about these particles. Basically, the addition of an electron will produce negative ions. Taking away an electron gives an atom a positive charge. In other words, the concept of ions is all about positive and negative charges.

What does this have to do with hair dryers?

An ionic hair dryer is a device that works by using something called the corona effect. Within the device, there is a voltage that charges an ion emitter. This is made up of tiny steel pins. It creates an electric field near the points of these pins. The purpose of this is to accelerate the level of energy of free electrons to get them to collide with air molecules and ionize.

Benefits of using ionic hair dryers

Hair dries faster because the size of water molecules gets reduced.
These smaller molecules can easily penetrate hair, and excess water may evaporate more quickly.
Hair should be left smooth and not frizzy because the drying process doesn’t take as long and more water goes into the hair shaft.